Aerial Inspection Work

Save time & money with a drone

Chimney & Roof Inspections


Easily access unreachable and unsafe areas with one of our unmanned aerial vehicles at a fraction of the price.

"Whether you have a portfoilio of property or just need your chimney checking. We have the technology to capture the images you need."

Roofs are bared to all the elements and yet rarely do they receive regular inspections. Regular drone inspections can limit the cost of repair by identifying the problem before it escalates.

You can save considerable amounts of money by hiring a drone inspection compared to erecting a scaffolding tower. A drone can also cover a much larger area as we are legally allowed to fly as high as 400 feet. It’s also much safer and you don’t have to worry about the ‘working at height’ safety regulations.

Some benefits to using our drone service

  • Saves time & money
  • Can inspect dangerous and hard to reach areas
  • Collect 20 mega pixel images & 4K video for analysis.
  • Minimise danger – no one has to leave the ground
  • We are insured up to 10 million
  • Highly qualified pilots
  • Permissions for commercial work & flying in congested areas. We have pilots who are trained and licensed to fly in congested areas with take off and landing clearances down to 10 metres. This allows us to operate more freely without the need for as many other peoples permissions.



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