Aerial Imaging Services

Aerial Photography, Video & Timelapse

Drone Image Services

Aerial & Ground Based Photo & Video

From working on film sets to local & national promotional video and photo work. We have the expertise and equipment to do it all here at Dolphin Drones.

We use automated and manually piloted techniques to capture the most eyecatching footage for you.

Aerial & Ground Based Photography Kit

DJI Inspire 2 X5S

Inspire 2 Drone Footage Dorset

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom


DJI Phantom 4 Advanced


DJI Ronin SC


Panasonic GH5


Splashdrone 4


We have the relevant permissions and are insured for all of our aerial work. We often work in pairs and will obtain any other neccesary permissions required to complete your job.

Time Lapse Videos

Our time lapse cameras can shoot at the highest quality to create incredible time lapse videos in 4K.  The time lapse can be used to shoot at pre-planned intervals or for smaller projects over the course of a single 25 minute video with the speed increased to desired effect and length.


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