Splash Drone 3 Auto


If you would like to purchase this drone please contact us first.

The Splash drone 3 Auto is the first fully integrated and modular waterproof drone with 4K camera and 2-axis gimbal. It is primarily designed for taking high-quality photo and video around water and in all kinds of weathers.



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Note: The Auto version doesn’t contain payload release. You can purchase the payload release in addition. There are 3 kinds (PL1, PL2 and PL3 ) to choose from.

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1. Splash Drone 3 is 100% waterproof and able to land and float in both fresh and salt water. It is resistant to corrison from sea water.
2. With a durable body and high propulsion system, it is able to work reliably in heavy rain, storms and other rough weather,
3. New waterproof 4K camera, with 2-axis gimbal that improves image sharpness and smoothness.
4. Splash Drone 3 auto can mount a payload release module for long line fishing and essential lifesaving equipment delivery, with a max payload up to 1kg.
5. Completely redesigned remote controller with built-in 5'' LCD monitor for live high quality video feed and detailed flight status.
6. Our unique S3 flight controller is programmed to adapt to wet environments, offers a remarkable increase in accuracy of position and home point.
7. New, innovative Bluetooth ground station that enables accurate tracking of activities and even enables one key launch of the drone.
8. New 620kv motors and quick release 1242 carbon fiber propellers for enhanced power and robustness against rough waves.
9. All Splash drone parts fit in a new carry case, which is smaller and more portable than the old aluminium case.

Note: The Auto version doesn't contain payload release. You can purchase the payload release in addition. There are 3 kinds (PL1, PL2 and PL3 )for your choice .

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2 thoughts on “Splash Drone 3 Auto

  1. Hi Nicholas,
    Following our phone contact yesterday I am becoming more sure of what I need:-
    Swellpro Splash Drone 3 Auto with 4K camera and 2 axis gimbal and a PL 1 release.
    I know I’ll have to sort out the bracket to get the 4K AND the PL1 on at the same time but have you got a wiring
    loom(not my strong point) that will interact with both the aircraft plug/socket and the camera/gimbals and release AND be waterproof?
    It is my intention to make the drone self righting by adding as small amount of weight as possible into the landing rail to put the centre of gravity below the centre of bouyancy,but that could only be tried/done after everything is fitted. Whats your best and final price and you can have my design rights to the self righting lifeboat trick.
    Could you deliver? (Hermes works well round here..not an advert…) I’ll get some practice in, get it set up then see about a trip to have all the bad habits retrained out. To avoid any nastiness I insist all monies are cleared before you even put the beast anywhere near a courier. Cheers for now Brian C

    1. Hi Brian
      Best price is – i increase discount to 12.5%, free delivery and thrown in a PL1 release mech.
      Needs to be bank transfer , 20-26-62 account number 63352323
      £1400 total 🙂

      this is the best i can do, i hope it helps make the decision easier 🙂

      kind regards


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